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Sirocco Dustless Table Saws

Enhance your woodworking with our Dustless Table Saws, designed for precision and cleanliness. Perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, these saws combine advanced dust extraction technology with superior cutting accuracy, ensuring a virtually dust-free environment. Their robust construction and user-friendly features provide reliability and ease of use, making every project smoother and more efficient. Whether crafting intricate pieces or tackling larger projects, our Dustless Table Saws are the ideal tools for achieving impeccable results with minimal cleanup.

Experience unmatched efficiency with our Dustless Table Saws, boasting an impressive 98.5% dust collection rate. This high level of dust containment not only maintains a cleaner work environment but also significantly reduces airborne particles, contributing to a healthier workspace. Our saws' advanced dust extraction system is meticulously engineered to capture dust at its source, ensuring that your focus remains on precision cutting without the distraction of mess. Ideal for indoor use or in spaces where cleanliness is crucial, these saws are a testament to our commitment to innovative design and user health. With this level of dust control, you can enjoy a seamless workflow, enhanced safety, and a significantly reduced need for post-work cleanup.


8.5" Dustless Table Saw


10" Dustless Table Saw

Upgrade your woodworking experience with our new 10" Dustless Table Saw, an advancement from our popular 8.5" model. This larger, more powerful saw offers enhanced cutting capabilities and precision, making it perfect for a wider range of projects. With its innovative dustless technology, it captures over 98% of sawdust, maintaining a cleaner and healthier workspace. The 10" blade size allows for deeper cuts and greater versatility, while still retaining the exceptional quality and reliability our users have come to expect. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, this new Dustless Table Saw is designed to take your craftsmanship to the next level.

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