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Laminate Flooring

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Water Resistant Laminate

Superior Water Resistant Core - Less than 8% Thickness Swelling rate But just being tough is not enough. The core of Inovar Floor is made of hardwood fibers with very good water resistant properties. The result- a tough floor covering material which is very water resistant. So, when you are looking for the best in laminate flooring, choose Inovar Floor, because the advantage is clear. 


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A. Highly anti-abrasive protective overlay

B. Melamine impregnated decorative film

D. Balancing film for dimensional stability

C. CoreGuard® - Super Water Resistant high

     density hardwood fibre board (HDF)

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E. State-of-the-art interlocking system

F. Waxguard® - For speedier installation & prevention of creaking noises

G. Silent Pro® - Optional Sound-Absorbing layer

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