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Warranty Information

Warranty Certificate for Laminate Flooring
Produced by Stalheim Industries Sdn Bhd ( Malaysia)

Stalheim Industries is a pioneer in manufacturing of high quality melamine laminated high-density fibreboard (HDF) flooring for commercial and residential usage. Stalheim gives warranty for its laminate flooring for 25 years of heavy domestic and 5 years of moderate commercial according to the recommended utility class (AC3). The warranty is covering 3 aspects as below:   

  • Fade Resistant* (Conforming to EN13329)   

  • Stain Resistant (Conforming to EN438-2-15)   

  • Wear Resistant (Confirming to EN13329)

The above warranty is only applicable under the following terms and conditions and care instructions:

  • Wear Resistant

For claims on surface wear-through, an area on the floor panel is considered worn-through only if the worn-through area is more than 1 cm2 and the decorative layer has been exhausted until the core material is visible. Claims for surface wear-through are unacceptable if the surface wear-through occurs only around the edges/joints of the panel. Gloss reduction is not surface wear through.

  • Stain resistance

Stalheim Laminate Flooring will resist normal household stains on the decorative surface.

  • Fade resistance

Stalheim Laminate Flooring will resist fading from exposure to indirect sunlight or normal artificial light conforming to EN13329 test method with exception of natural aging.

  • This warranty does not cover damages caused by the following situations:

  1. Accidents, abuse or misuse of the floor : e.g. surface damage caused by dropping/dragging sharp/heavy objects.

  2. Exposure to extreme temperatures.

  3. Installation of product with visible manufacturing defects

  4. The floor was not installed according to the manufacturer's recommended instructions. The installation instructions are located on the packaging

  5. The correct underlay and/or vapor barriers have not been used as required for the subfloor in question.

  6. The floor was not maintained or used properly according to the recommended usage or maintenance procedures, eg. floor cleaning with excessive water, detergents ,etc.

  7. Flooding caused by plumbing failures or natural causes.

  8. Fading caused by direct ultra violet radiation from direct sunlight exposure.

  9. If an expansion joint profile is not used on doorways between rooms or in area greater than 12m in the direction of length of the individual flooring planks & 7m on width direction or off set rooms.

  10. Floor is installed in saunas or bathrooms (areas prone to water exposure).

  11. Trapped water underneath the flooring panels or underlay.

  12. Office chairs must be fitted with soft wheels/castors or if nylon castors are being used, use protective mats/rubber pads underneath the chair.

  13. Flooring panels used in places where the traffic exceeds the utility class that is recommended.

  14. Surface defects that can only be seen from an angle source of light.

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